What the Children Know


Identical twins.

                Opposite personalities.

For Holly and Monica, life was never easy while growing up. The similarities between the two sisters ended with their looks. Holly was the reliable one, the one their parents could always count on. Monica was a rule breaker who caused trouble wherever she went.

The day after their high school graduation, Monica left home and never looked back… until nearly twenty-five years later. She appeared on Holly's porch, unannounced, demanding she look after her teenage daughter before vanishing again.

Seeing no other choice, Holly takes Paige into her home and her life slowly turns upside down. Items start to go missing, she forgets important deadlines, she's confronted with emails she doesn't remember sending. Still emotionally vulnerable from a tragedy that took place thirteen years prior, everyone around her begins to wonder if she is, once more, spiraling out of control.

Holly tries to blame her misfortunes on her twin, just like she always had, but without any proof, her family and friends don't believe her. With everyone in her life suddenly fighting against her, Holly must find a way to protect her own child and save her marriage and the career she worked so hard for. But how can she save herself when she doesn't trust her own sanity? The truth behind the disturbances is right in front of her if only she would ask the correct people… the children always know.