About Me

Hi, I'm Trish. I define myself as a writer, although within the next year, I will officially declare myself a published author. Whether by traditional publishing or self publishing, which is yet to be determined, I will have my name out there soon.  

A few fun facts about me:

  • I am a nature/animal lover (that includes reptiles and insects). I love all animals except guinea pigs. Give me a tarantula or a rattlesnake any day...guinea pigs creep me out.
  • The desert is my favorite place on the planet. I don't have a spirit animal but the cactus is 100% my spirit plant.

  • I am an avid reader. Reading and writing are my forms of relaxation.

  • My two main passions in life are literacy and prisoner's rights.

  • I am obsessed with serial killers, strange crime/unsolved cases, and medical abnormalities.  

  • I am honest to a fault and, at times, can be a complete hypocrite. (It counts for something if I recognize it, right?)

  • I can't cook. I'm lucky I can boil water. But I can fold a fitted sheet like it's fresh out of the package, I can hand wash spoons without spraying water all over myself, and I can tear saran wrap without sticking it to itself.  

  • I have many more works in progress than anyone needs for a lifetime but if all goes well, they will each get their chance in the spotlight someday.

  • My stories don't have characters. They have people. The people do what they want, when they want, and I have little to no control over their actions. Most of them also have big mouths which I can only assume they picked up from me at some point.

  • I am a villain lover. My antagonists are always my favorite and I hope you love to hate them as much as I love to love them.


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