The Puppet Hunter

Coming August 2024



Dunmeyer, Bethel County: Population: 2,683

They were watched.

       They were chosen with purpose.

              They were given a part they hadn't auditioned for.

When a teenaged girl vanishes on a warm, spring night, leaving no witnesses and no evidence behind, the town becomes stricken with grief.

The residents of the close-knit community want answers and the small-town sheriff is the man they should turn to. But Rex Walker is ill-equipped to deal with much more than a drunken brawl at the local bar.

As more teenagers disappear, the town's grief turns to panic, then paranoia. Every tourist becomes suspect. Neighbors and friends begin to look at each other with a watchful eye. Faith in the sheriff's abilities starts to crumble.

The townspeople, needing someone to blame, set their sights on Rex. When his daughter is the next to go missing, it leaves every resident in Dunmeyer stunned.

…except one.

One resident watches in satisfaction as the town falls apart. Every citizen plays their role to perfection and the teenagers' captor takes pride in creating their greatest masterpiece yet.