False Reflections

Altered Views Book 2

Sequel to Distorted Perception.

This is not a standalone novel and cannot be read as such.


Maxwell wasn't born a monster. He was a warrior, a protector.

Growing up, he always had the best of everything: the hottest toys, lavish vacations, a loving family. He was a strong athlete, got good grades. He had a great future ahead of him. At least, that's how it seemed from the outside. Behind the façade of their luxurious home and black-tie events, the Lewis family harbored more secrets than anyone should bear.

As a child, Maxwell only understood enough to know he needed to protect his brother from both the truth and their parents. When he needed his own protection, he sought it from his grandmother. They had a close relationship and a deep level of trust. His relationship with his grandfather was not the same. During his teenage years, Maxwell longed for a deeper connection with him. He wanted a strong, male role model, someone he could look up to.

Knowing how important the family's library was to his grandfather, Maxwell thought taking an interest in the books would help them form that bond he so desperately needed. He was not prepared for the truth he found hidden within the pages. His hope for a connection with his grandfather was destroyed, his trust in his grandmother was shattered. Already in a fragile state of mind, Maxwell was left with two choices: he could keep the secrets to himself and continue on the way he had been, or he could use the knowledge to his advantage and create the life he knew he deserved.