Book Group Questions

1. What did you like most about the book?

2. What did you like least about the book?

3. Who was your favorite character? Why?

4. Who was your least favorite character? Why?

5. What three words would you use to best describe this book?

6. What was your favorite moment in the book? Your least favorite? Why?

7. What plot element surprised you the most?

8. Were there any plot points that stumped you? Which ones?

9. Were there any questions left unanswered? What are they?

10. Was the ending a surprise to you? Why or why not?

11. Did this book remind you of another book or movie? Which one and why?

12. How did the title match the book's content? If you could give it another title, what would it be?

13. What do you think about the book's cover? Does it match the content?

14. Is the author invested in both character and plot? Was there more development in the story or in creating compelling, believable characters? 

15. Did the author use flashbacks or multiple voices in telling the story? How did this affect your reading of the story? Did the author do it well?

16. How was the book's pace? Too fast? Too slow? Just right?

17. Did you race to the end or was it a slow burn read?

18. If you could hear the story from one character's point of view, which one would you choose? Why?

19. If you were to write a fanfiction piece about this book, what kind of story would you tell?

20. If you could ask the author one question about the book, what would it be?